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Scrim Applicator

The scrim gluing system uses a 3 foot wide stainless steel conveyor belt that travels through an oven. The scrim is placed on a roller above conveyor and the glue is placed in an aluminum container with the applicator wheel sitting inside. The scrim will unroll from the roll and lightly touch the glue roller. The scrim then passes through a curtain of high pressure air that cleans the opening in the scrim. The scrim finally meeting the core material as it enters the oven. The scrim is pressed against the material using 3 large rollers. The rollers are also located in the oven and can reach temperatures of 150° C. The sheet then travels through a section of oven without any rollers and finally leaves the oven.


  • Adjustable feed speed

    • Minimum: 2 feet per minute

    • Maximum: 80 feet per minute

  • Temperature controller: 80° C to 200° C

  • Fine mesh stainless steel belt

  • Labview based software

    • Tracked speed

    • Tracked scrim consumed

    • Email or print production at the end of day

    • Email or print material consumed at the end of day










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