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An engineer is only as good as his tools. We can offer complete engineering solutions and are capable of completing jobs in house with high precision and speed.

5 Axis Water Jet

With a Flow 5 Axis Mach 200 water jet system we can cut with a tolerance of ±0.005 inch. In material such as 2.00 inch steel harden steel we can easily keep a vertical tolerance of ±0.010 inch.

Max Angle - 60 degrees

Materials - Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Brass, Marble, Granite, Glass, Plastic, Carbon Fiber, Wood, Acrylic

Working Volume - 13 ft 6 in x 6 ft 6 in (4.1 m x 2 m)

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Haas Machine Center

3 Axis Haas machine center with a 30 horse power spindle and 20 tool changer

We can work on aluminum, steel, stainless, titanium, or any metal you can think of. This machine is designed to work with high cycle times and large production run. Our software can calculate the most optimal way to mass produce your products

Working Volume - 20.00 inches x 20.00 inches x 16.00 inches


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5 Axis CNC 

Ultra large format CNC for art amplification, boat plugs, or master parts.

5HP 20,000 RPM spindle cuts wood, foam, and even aluminum

True 5 axis capabilities with a 10 tool changer allows is to work faster and get to angles that other machines can not.

Build Size - 48.00 inch round x 120 inch long


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Plasma CNC

65 Amp Hyperthem power supply can cut steel, aluminum, and stainless 

We can cut up to 1/2 inch thick steel. Our machine is equipped with a water table and full size table, meaning you can bring any size sheet and our machine can run at a 100% duty cycles without any lag. Auto Height control ensures a clean cut at all times.

Build Size - 60.00 inches x 120.00 inches


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3 Axis CNC

Router tipped CNC can cut your 2D or 3D designs quickly. Send us your Solidworks, AutoCAD, Rhino or STL Files. If you have an idea and no way to design, you can rent a designer to take your idea from paper to CNC. 


Material - Wood, Plastics, Acrylic and Metal


Build Size - 60.00 x 120.00 x 12.00

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3D Printing


We 3D print for aircraft, industrial prototype, and art work. we have a machine to suit your needs.

Machines - Cubicon Single, Creality CR-10 Max


FDM Material - PLA, ABS, Flexible, Glow in the Dark, Wood, Wax

SLA Material - ABS, Wax, FPGA

Build Size - 19.6 in X 19.6 in X 19.6 in (50 cm X 50 cm x 50 cm)

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Laser Engraving


Our High powered UV or CO2 laser can be used to engrave, cut, or cure glue and inks. At high power the CO2 last can cut wood up to 0.375 inch (9.5 mm) thick. 

Material Engrave - Wood, Acrylic, Glass, and Plastics

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Full Machine Shop


We have a complete machine shop available. We are capable of manufacturing a single part of a full production. Some of our equipment is list below.

30 Ton Brake Press

Bridgeport Milling Machine

Jet Lathe 

Metal Band Saw

All Types of Welding Systems

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Digitizing and CAD 


We have both 3D scanning and 2D digitizing capabilities with tolerances as tight as ±0.010 inch.​

For 3D files in AutoCAD, Fusion 360, Solidworks, or any 3D CAD files as needed.

For 2D files we

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