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Circular Horizontal Bandsaw

The horizontal band saw is designed for cutting high density foam, high density plastics and wood products. Cutting table can hold 12 blocks measuring 2 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet. Bearing with a helical gear drive provides a constant cut speed. Quick changing 5 gallon vacuum system collects dust directly from the cutting edge. The entire system is controlled by an advanced Labview based software. The easy to learn software monitors the state of the equipment and allows for preemptive component failure warnings. High precision stepper motors can cut sheets with a ±0.002 inch precision at 11 feet per minute.


  • Cutting table measures 16 feet in diameter.

  • 3000 feet per minute blade speed.

  • Cuts a block as fast as 11 feet per minute.

  • Cut sheets from 0.125 inch to 18 inches thick.

  • Supports blades up to 2” wide either hook tooth or knife.

  • Encoder based stepper movement.

    • High speed of movement.

    • ±0.002 inch precision cuts.

    • Increased safety around the equipment.

  • Intuitive smart software.

    • Allows video monitoring from any part in the world.

    • Full printout of number of sheets cut in the last hour, 8 hours, 24 hours and week.

    • Automated monitoring of blade tension, blade location, block count and user.

    • Self-diagnostic software detects problems in components.

  • Hydraulic/pneumatic blade tensioning.

    • Requires little to no maintenance.

    • Keeps constant tension through changing densities and changing temperatures.

  • Highly effective dust collection system.

    • 48 inch vacuum brush cleans block as it cuts.

    • High vacuum system continuously cleans blade wheels.

  • High grade metal

    • Aluminum: T-606X aircraft grade aluminum.

    • Steel: cold rolled high strength mechanical grade.

    • Stainless Steel: cold rolled high strength mechanical grade.










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