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CNC Laser Engraving

Using a high powered blue laser we are able to enscribe onto balsa blocks. The laser has depth of penetrations of micro meters. It is just enough to discolor the surface. Drawing are made in CAD software and controlled used Mach3 software.


  • 1200 inch per minute speeds

  • Custom sized working area 

    • Minimum: 2 feet by 2 feet

    • Maximum: 10 feet by 10 feet

    • Repeatability to +/-0.001" or better, accuracy to +/-0.005" or better

  • 1.5 W laser

    • Can be upgraded upto 4 W laser

    • Increasing power will mean increased engraving speed

  • Can be mounted flat or at an angle

  • Can engrave single lines or darken areas

  • Wood is not damages or physically modified in any way

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